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Hakim Turkish Series Story Plot Cast and Release Date – The Judge

ATV’s new Turkish series Hakim, which is likely to have a huge impact, is a series that attracts attention with its original tale and cast of master actors and is predicted to turn the ratings on their heads.

The show will be a domestic version of  Your Honor, one of America’s most talked-about films. Erdal Beşikçiolu, Ebru Ozan, Ugur Yücel, Hasibe Eren, and Yurdaer Okur are well-known for their outstanding performances in every project they participate in, adding to the series’ credibility.

Hakim (The Judge) Story Plot

In the Judge series, Erdal Beşikçiolu will play a character attempting to save the child of a mafia parent whose son was accidentally killed. He reprised his role as a criminal law professor in Paper House, trying to save his child, who is also an unsuspecting murderer. In the Judge series, he plays the part of a father who is also a judge who tries to get his son out of trouble by utilizing his professional knowledge.

The story revolves around two fathers who would go to any length to protect their son. One of them is a judge who has spent years ensuring that justice is served. Erdal Beşikçiolu’s character, named Arif Derman, will be divided between his son and his father.

Despite being an idealist, bright, and good-hearted individual, Omer Arif has always been a person who observes justice. However, with his son Ozan’s injury, Omer Arif, who committed himself to his kid after losing his wife, would face a new and startling test in his life.

Erdal Beşikçiolu is on his way to mesmerizing everyone in the Judge cast. Similarly, Yurdaer Okur will bring Azem Demirkran to life and surprise his followers with his changing appearance.

Azem, the son of an Albanian family, has learned about life on the streets. When Azem’s eyes turn, he can achieve anything since he has a feeling of justice for himself. After the enormous drama, Azem’s life will be flipped upside down because of the high importance he placed on both his son and daughter.

The characters of Azem and Omee Arif will captivate the viewers as two fathers in the Hakim series.

The well-known actor possesses a mastery that lends strength to any project in which he participates and effectively expresses the characters’ emotions to the viewers.

Hakim (The Judge) Cast

Erdal Beşikçiolu will perform the lead role in the original production, which was played by Bryan Cranston, one of America’s most recognized actors. Ebru Ozkan, Ugur Yücel, Yurdaer Okur, Gülsen Tuncer, and others are among them.

While Yurdaer Okur will portray a mafia lord whose son has died, Ugur Yücel will play a prominent character who is Hakim’s close buddy. Hasibe Eren, who we see in comedy programs all the time, will surprise the audience because Hasibe Eren will bring to life a sadistic mafia lord in front of the crowd this time.

Eslem Akar, another famous young actress, was cast in the part of Alişan. In the series Courtyard, Akar played Demet Evgar’s daughter and received a lot of attention.

Hakim (The Judge) release date

The Hakim series, which features an incredible plot, has already sparked an interest. Hakim will be released on 4th April 2022 on ATV at 20:00 in Turkey, with a fantastic cast and story. The show will be a home version of Your Honor, one of America’s most talked-about series.

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