Hakim 2 seazon

Is there Hakim Season 2 Episode 11 English Subtitles The Judge 

Hakim Series, Despite its superb cast and narrative, which ATV brought to the screen with tremendous expectations, was a huge disappointment, and a final decision was taken regarding it.

Adapted from the US hit TV series, Your Honor, Hakim created excitement in the audience with both its story and its cast, but although the series attracted attention at first, the ratings were not as high!

This being the case, the final decision was not delayed. The judge made the finale on Monday, June 13, with its 10th episode. After the news of the finale, TV critic Sina Koloğlu made a remarkable analysis of Erdal Beşikçioğlu.

“We watched him as ‘Behzat Ç,’ we loved him. He is a well-trained, charismatic actor. Sina Koloğlu, who started her speech by saying “Erdal Beşikçioğlu,” pointed out that this business card could not find its counterpart in open channel TV series and stated that the actor’s TV series was always short-lived.

Sina Koloğlu continued her words as follows; Such is the fate of Erdal Beşikçioğlu’s TV series that have been on the screen since 2014; ‘Reaksiyon’ (2014) made an early finale with 13 episodes, ‘Yokan’ (2016) made a final in 13 episodes again.

An exceptional series, ‘His Name is Legend’ (2017), has reached the top. But he lost a remarkable rating towards the last episodes and made the final in the 29th episode. The “Childhood” (2020) series, which is expected to be especially appreciated by the “total” audience, made an early finale in the 11th episode. ‘Paper House’ (2021) lasted until the 8th episode.

Hakim 2 seazon

Explaining that he asked an important name who knows the TV industry and takes part in it, Sina Koloğlu said, “Some faces find it difficult to work in the mainstream. Erdal Beşikçioğlu is one of them. He also stated that he received the answer that it is more suitable for digital productions.

He also shoots ‘Behzat Ç’ again on Blu TV. In other words, he returned to the character he was a phenomenon.’ He also gave the good news to the fans of the player.

Hakim Total Number of Episodes

Hakim Turkish Series has a total of 10 Episodes. There is no Season 2 of the Hakim Turkish Series.

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