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Hakim Episode 5 Release Date Changed The Judge

ATV’s new series, Hakim, is very disappointed. The series’ ratings, which came to the screen with the fourth episode, dropped significantly. As a result, hopes for Hakim were dashed.

The Hakim series, adapted by ATV from the popular TV show Your Honor, was solid in both cast and story when it first aired in the United States. However, the TV series which was presented to the screen with a lot of excitement, was a major disappointment.

The Judge, who came to the screen with its first episode four weeks ago with very powerful names such as Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Uğur Yücel, Ebru Özkan, Yurdaer Okur and Hasibe Eren, made a very mediocre entry in the ratings. In this process, despite his very ambitious story, he could not raise his ratings.

Hakim Episode 5 release date

The rating of the fourth episode of the series, which was broadcast last night, in which the expectations were very high, completely exhausted the hopes for the series. Because the Judge series ranked 11th in all viewers with his score in the 2 band in the fourth episode. It ranked 6th in EU and fifth in ABC1.

As a matter of fact, the struggle of the Hakim series is huge. Because on Monday evenings, it competes with two very strong opponents such as Alparslan and Forbidden Apple. The ratings of The Judge series are so low that even Üç Kuruş, which was decided to make the finale at the end of the season due to its low ratings, is in better shape.


The failure of the judging sequence is related to a timing problem. The series premiered on April 4, coinciding with the start of a period in which the weather began to warm up, the month of Ramadan arrived, and the loss of viewers reflected in all of the programmes was plainly reflected in the ratings. The watching rate of the Hakim series was lower than expected during Ramadan.

As a result of the Ramadan festive week, Hakim episode 5 will not be released this week. Instead, on Atv in Turkey, episode 5 of the Hakim series will premier on May 9, 2022.

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