Hakim 10 bolum

Hakim Episode 10 English Subtitles Free Explained The Judge 

Hakim Episode 10 starring Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Ebru Özan, Uğur Yücel, Hasibe Eren, Yurdaer Okur and Burcu Kara releases on June 13, 2022 on ATV at 20:00 in Turkey.

Hakim The Judge Episode 10 English subtitles

The truth that Judge Ömer Arif is hiding is finally revealed. Azem learned that the person who killed his son was actually Ozan. But he is waiting for that big moment to put it in the judge’s face. And Azem starts the game.

Counting the days to completely get rid of the Demirkıran Family, Ozan continues to stand by Deniz in a forced way. His mind and heart are still with Ceren, but how will he win the heart of his ex-girlfriend?

Hakim 10 bolum

Gülbahar has united with Azem and took a front against Kadir, but taking the neighborhood back is not as easy as they thought. The ground is shaken by the plan in Kadir’s mind.

Ömer Arif, who takes a step towards marriage with Yasemin, is on the verge of losing the woman he loves. All arrows point to the judge, with a strong piece of evidence that Prosecutor Özlem has. But will Omer Arif be caught?

Hakim Episode 10 Trailer 1 English subtitles

Hakim 10 bolum

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Judge Omer, what is your main connection to this case?

Why does it all touch you?

I saw those people.

They have money, they have power, they have found a way to get rid of everything!

I will speak to them in their language!

Ömer has a connection to this case, and it’s not just his car being stolen

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and his involvement.

Omar, I saw your gaze.

Do you think I don’t understand?

Come on…

I’m not afraid of anyone!

Hakim Episode 10 Trailer 2 English subtitles

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Hakim Episode 10 Release Date

Hakim Episode 10, starring Erdal Beşikçiolu, Ebru Ozan, Ugur Yücel, Hasibe Eren, Yurdaer Okur, and Burcu Kara, premieres on ATV at 20:00 in Turkey on June 13, 2022.

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