Guzel Gunler Story Cast and Release Date Good Days

On which day and on which channel is the Guzel Gunler broadcast? Who are the Guzel Gunler actors? What is the theme of the series?

Guzel Gunler Story

Selma (Leyla Tanlar) comes to Istanbul from Van to receive her inheritance when she thinks all her ways have been exhausted. Beneath is her father’s scrap car, with her well-to-do brother Leylim. The only condition for getting the inheritance is to find the other partner of the inheritance, her old love Mihran (Burak Dakak). 

Mihran, who was born on the same day as her, who was prophesied to love each other with great love on the day they were born, migrated to Istanbul after the fire in which Selma was declared the scapegoat. 

Selma finds Mihran in Istanbul. Thus, not only Selma and Mihran, but also Mihran’s barista cousin Atakan, Atakan’s platonic love boxer Altan, Mihran’s big and cheerful family; His aunt, Menemenci Kiymet, his cousin Füsun’s mother, Saliha Kiymet’s arm and hand, Feyyaz, and his arch-rival Hakim’s life also change.

In the story that develops around love and will make you feel the warmth of the family, Selma and Mihran’s immortal love is whispered in their ears on the day they were born, and the events that took place are told. The story of the secrets behind this love and a warm, fun, cheerful family that embraces them will be on the screen.

Guzel Gunler Cast 

Selma (Leyla Tanlar) 

Mihran (Burak Dakak) 

Kıymet (Binnur Kaya)  

Saliha  (Seray Gözler) 

Füsun (Ecem Erkek) 

Altan (Zeynep Çamcı) 

Hakim (Yıldıray Şahinler)  

Atakan (Olgun Toker) 

Feyyaz (Orkuncan Izan)  

Leylim (Duygu Köse) 

Alya (Oya İloğulları) 

Ayşim (Nature Diver) 

Dilşat (Enginay Gültekin) 

Çetin (Edip Saner)

Guzel Gunler Release Date 

New episode date: Sunday, November 6 at 20:00 | New episode no: 1 

Episode Info:   on the screen today with the FIRST PART

Channel: Show Tv Broadcasting Platform: Television Genre: Comedy, family, drama Season: 1 Broadcast Day: Sunday Broadcast Time:   20:00 New Episode Date: November 6 New Episode No:   1 Episode Information:   today FIRST DEPARTMENT on the screen Producer: TMC Film » Producer: Erol Avcı Director: Osman Taşçı Screenplay: Selin Tunç

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