Gul Masali 2 bolum

Gul Masali Episode 2 English Subtitles Free Explained Rose Tale

Gul Masali Episode 2 starring Gülper Özdemir and Erdem Kaynarca releases on June 26, 2022 on ATV at 20:00 in Turkey.

Gul Masali (Rose Tale) Episode 2 English subtitles

When Gonca finds out that her mother’s grave is in Isparta, she faces a challenging emotional test and begins the long battle she will have with her past. She cannot decide whether to accept Fatma’s condition to inherit her rightful inheritance or return to Istanbul.

Gonca’s arrival in Isparta triggers the Atabeys. They are anxious about confessing their dark secrets now that Gonca has arrived. There is a significant argument between the two parents when Tahir, who is terrified of the information his daughter has acquired, travels to Isparta to convince his daughter to return.

Gul Masali 2 bolum

She also comes across Toprak’s attention and support as she seeks solutions to the problems she is asking herself. Toprak and Gonca develop a warm intimacy due to their curiosity and support. However, Gonca’s actions are called into question by Arda’s action, which cannot accept Toprak’s presence near her.

Gul Masali Episode 2 Trailer 1 English subtitles

Gul Masali 2 bolum

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Gumusr’s daughter has come here.

If her daughter is headstrong like Smiling, our job is very difficult, let me tell you…

Do what’s right!

Don’t mess with the past!

Same mother…

Her fate will not be the same!

We’re sending that girl out of here!

We agreed!

Isn’t it a shame what you did?

This is what Smiler wants!

After years, he told you to reveal everything and take my daughter!

Did my mom ask you to leave what’s left of her to me when I’m 25?

That house, lands… If

a handmaid from outside is given to her, I will be angry!

How would you like to come and live in the mansion with us?

Tomorrow morning you will take Gonca and go to Istanbul!

No loot, lord! I am here now.

So who are you? Does your daughter know who you are?

Gul Masali Episode 2 Trailer 2 English subtitles

Gul Masali 2 bolum

Watch Trailer. Turn on CC and Auto Translate to English. Click Here

You pray at a grave for a lifetime.

Then the place where your mother sleeps turns out to be far away in another city.

I have read Fatiha to whose soul all these years..

Your prayer will reach its owner if Allah wants it.

Where is my mother’s real grave, father?

This is not something to talk about on the phone!

Do you have any objections?

“Where do you get the bud from, what kind of question is that?

” “Daughter, don’t you know where your mother’s grave is?

” “Here!

” “Here in Istanbul!

” !

Is that so daddy!?

I came here for you!

I wish you’d come for my mom too!

Gul Masali Episode 2 Release Date

Gul Masali Episode 2, starring Gülper Özdemir and Erdem Kaynarca premieres on ATV at 20:00 in Turkey on June 26, 2022.

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