Aile Episode 7 English Subtitles Update The Family

Aile Episode 7 English Subtitles Update The Family

What will happen in the new chapter of the family starring Kıvanç Tatlıtug, Serenay Sarıkaya, Nur Sürer, and Nejat İşler? What is the plot of the series? When and on what day is the latest Episode aired? What will happen to the family?

Aile Episode 7 English Subtitles

After an argument at the table, Aslan and Devin’s marriage hit a stalemate.

The couple comes to the point of divorce as Devin packs her things and leaves the house.

In this process, Aslan, who gives himself to work, takes action to sell the casinos abroad. First, however, this brings him face-to-face with his business partner, Serhat Koruzade.

On the other hand, Hülya does not support this decision taken by Aslan.

He cooperates with Ibo so that his relations with the Koruzades do not deteriorate.

Aile Episode 7 English Subtitles Update The Family

Hülya will also learn about Yağmur’s connection with Serhat.

Devin takes a break from going to the clinic during this period. While this situation affects Cihan the most, Cihan, who wants to continue his sessions from where he left, will try every way.

Although Aslan and Devin meet weeks later due to an unexpected event, they do not take any steps to reconcile.

However, that night, their relationship will once again be put to the test, thanks to their feelings for each other.

Serhat starts to follow Yağmur, the only eyewitness to the murder he committed in İzmir. Finally, with Ati’s help, he finds Yağmur’s home address. Now a great struggle awaits Yağmur.

On the other hand, Hülya, who reaches the evidence that Yağmur wants about her escort past, will reveal the truth, putting the whole family, especially Aslan, and Devin, in a new danger.


Aile Episode 7 Release Date

Tuesday, April 18th at 20:00 | 7th Episode

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