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Teskilat Episode 65 English Subtitles Explained Free  

What will happen in the new episode of Teskilat starring Murat YildirimDeniz Baysal Yurtcu, and Mesut Akusta? What is the theme of the series? When and on What day is the new episode aired?

Teskilat Episode 65 English Subtitles

Ömer gets confused when he learns that the note sent to David Hartley was sent by Hasan Atmaca, and he has a fierce argument with Sacide.

Learning that the threat to the defense industry continues, the team sets out to stop Hartley’s next move!

While Hartley continues his plan step by step, on the other hand, he moves toward Hasan Atmaca.

Efkar, who has taken an oath to close his account with Hartley, continues with his plan while Ömer and his team are waiting for a big surprise.

Magarsus Caglar Ertugrul Next Series

Çağlar Ertuğrul, who left the Teşkilat series last season, has been shooting for a while in Adana for the digital series Magarsus prepared for Blu TV. Stating that he had to gain weight for his role, the actor said he gained weight voluntarily.

Growing a mustache and surprising his fans with his new image, Çağlar Ertuğrul announced that his new series would meet with the audience in April. The famous actor talked about his new series at Burcu Özberk’s new series premiere.

Çağlar Ertuğrul said, “It will probably be released at the end of April. We are very excited. We completed the shooting in Adana for two months”. As the shooting of the Magarsus series is over, the project, which is in the assembly phase, is eagerly awaited.

Magarsus, which includes important actors such as Ercan Kesal, Berkay Ateş, Merve Dizdar, Sümeyye Aydoğan, Menderes Samancılar, Uğur Uzunel, Altan Gördüm, will appear in front of the audience as an active production.

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Explaining that he wanted to gain weight for his role before filming, the actor said, “The producer didn’t have such a request. I wanted it myself. They also agreed. I gained 15 kilos in two months. I lost 8 kilos in a month, a little more weight remained,” he said.

Explaining that he continues his life in the Urla district of Izmir and comes to Istanbul when he has a job, Çağlar Ertuğrul also mentioned that he might have new projects in 2023.

Explaining that he will meet with Murat Cemcir for a new project, the actor stated that he wrote the story himself and that they prepared the script with a friend.

Çağlar Ertuğrul stated that his friend Murat Cemcir loved the project and that he would be a part of the story he wrote.

The actor said, “I wanted to write a crazy role and story. I wanted to build a world. Comedy and action are in the detective genre. The project has examples abroad but has not been done in Turkey. I hope we can do it too.”

Teskilat Episode 65 English Subtitles Release Date

The 65th episode of the Turkish series Teskilat, starring Murat Yildirim, Deniz Baysal Yurtcu, and Mesut Akusta, will air on TRT1 at 20:00 February 26th, 2022. 

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