Kralice Episode 5 English Subtitles Queen

Kralice Episode 6 English Subtitles Queen

What day and what channel is the Queen on? Who are the players? What is the theme of the series?

Kralice Episode 6 English Subtitles

Deniz concentrates on the work of the farm after she decides to give her marriage to Ateş another chance.

Ali, who attacks the Engin commissioner over Zeynep’s secret affair, will again get into trouble.

The brothers, who will face Zeynep, return positively to Gaye’s offer and invite her to the farm, unaware of the game played against them.

The big secret Ateş will learn will set him on an irreversible path.

Kralice Episode 6 English Subtitles Release Date

New episode date: April 26th
Day and time: Wednesday 20:00 
New episode no: 6

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