AlpArslan 50 bolum

AlpArslan Episode 50 English Subtitles Update

On which day and on which Channel is the Great Seljuk broadcast? Who are the Great Seljuk actors? What is the subject of the Series?

AlpArslan Episode 50 with English Subtitles

Alparslan fulfilled his promise to Kutalmış, “I’ll be with you in 3 nights,” and marched on Kutalmış with his army.

Kutalmış, looking at the stars, saw that fighting at that time would not bring him success, and Alparslan tried to prevent him from passing by turning the passageway into a swamp.

Alparslan crossed the swamp by risking everything and invited Kutalmış to the square. Will Kutalmış face Alparslan? Or will he wait for the time when the stars shine for his fortune? Who will walk the throne in this fight?

Leon also came to the battlefield and started to follow the battle of Alparslan and Kutalmış, which he expected to take place, from afar.

AlpArslan 50 bolum

Leon wants to leave Solomon unchallenged on the throne by breaking the winner of the war at his weakest moment. Will Leon be able to achieve success in his goal, or will another issue cause him to change goals?

The alp who came to Seferiye told Alparslan that a trap was being prepared. Will he be able to raise this information to Alparslan and save him from this trap before the trap happens to the expedition?

Suleiman, on the other hand, was making preparations to strengthen his hand against the gentleman who was victorious in the field battle.

Suleyman, who will use Süleymanşah and Mansur as trump cards against Kutalmış, who will he hold as a trump card against Alparslan?

AlpArslan The Great Selcuk 50 Episode release date

Episode 50 of Alp Arslan – The Great Seljuk Turkish Series starring Barış Arduç releases on 3rd April, 2022, on TRT1 at 20:00 in Turkey.

When is the release date of AlpArslan Episode 50?

3rd April, 2022, on TRT1 at 20:00 in Turkey.

Where can I watch AlpArslan Episode 50?


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