AlpArslan 38 bolum

AlpArslan Episode 38 English Subtitles Update

On which day and on which Channel is the Great Seljuk broadcast? Who are the Great Seljuk actors? What is the subject of the Series?

AlpArslan Episode 38 with English Subtitles

As a result of his plan, Besasiri injured Çağrı and managed to attract Alparslan. Alp Arslan, who went to Sultan Tuğrul to talk about the Yınal issue, turned his direction to Besasiri when he heard the news that Çağrı had died and was captured by the trap set by Besasiri after a fierce battle. 

AlpArslan 38 bolum

How will Alp Arslan get rid of Besasiri? Those who want to save Alp Arslan will reveal their identities by showing themselves. Learning that Alparslan was captured, Seferiye will immediately take action and try to keep him. When Grigor learns that Alparslan has been arrested, he will take action and meet with Besasiri. What is Grigor’s plan for Alparslan? Will he leave it to Besasiri, or will he take it himself?

On the other hand, Sultan Tugrul came to Vaspurakan and told Yinal that he had decided to take Vaspurakan himself. However, the naphtha thrown by Yinal has changed things. Yınal, who will start to take the first steps of her wooden walk with Öke, will try to provide what conditions to realize her ambitions. Yinal will learn that Alp Arslan has been taken, prisoner. Will Yinal wait for his biggest obstacle to disappear, or will he move to save Alp Arslan?

AlpArslan The Great Selcuk 38 Episode release date

Episode 38 of Alp Arslan – The Great Seljuk Turkish Series starring Barış Arduç releases on December 19th, 2022, on TRT1 at 20:00 in Turkey.

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