Cop Adam 3 bolum

Cop Adam Episode 3 English subtitles Free Update Stickman

What will happen in the first episode of Cop Adam? What is the theme of the series? When and on what day is the new episode aired?

Cop Adam Episode 3 English subtitles

Unable to use the opportunity to get rid of the cellar where she was locked up, Peri is again alone in her desperation. However, the suggestions of her older sister Ahu, confusing coincidences, and small clues cause Berrin to question Tamer’s loyalty.

Cop Adam 3 bolum

The game that Tamer starts without thinking about the end becomes even more dangerous when Berrin discovers the cellar. While everyone is taking care of Damla, who had an accident, Peri faces death in the cellar. Unaware of Yavuz’s plans, Meryem is about to lose her heart to him.

Peri and Tamer slowly begin to communicate but have yet to be aware that the situation has progressed to another dimension. Still, Tamer does not give up on the game he is playing and decides to push the limits even more.

Cop Adam Episode 3 English subtitles Release Date

Cop Adam Episode 3, starring Elcin Sangu and Engin Altan Düzyatan releases on December 14th at 20:00 on Star Tv in Turkey.

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