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Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 24 English Subtitles Summary Love Is In The Air

Twenty-three episodes have been aired in the Turkish series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door, meeting with the audience on Saturday evenings on Fox TV screens. There will be significant developments in the 24th episode of this Turkis series. After İlayda Çevik’s as Balca Koçak character came to the story, Ayşegül İşsever appeared on the screens as Eda’s grandmother Semiha.

In the Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door, which brings Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin together in the lead role, there will be a situation where these new characters make Eda’s life difficult, which reflects clearly in Episode 24. The grandmother, who does not want Serkan Bolat and her grandchild Eda Yildiz to be together, will reveal that she can do anything. Let’s see if the cooperation between Balca and Semiha will harm the Eda – Serkan relationship.

Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 24 English Subtitles

In the previous episode of the Turkish Series, Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door Eda did not fall into the trap of Balca on the tender. However, there is a more significant challenge waiting for Eda. Eda’s grandmother Semiha Hanım’s arrival into the company as a secret partner has left everyone surprised.

On the arrival of Eda’s grandmother, the Trust between Eda and Serkan is tested again. Serkan immediately leaves the company. Eda chases after him and tries to tell him that she does not know the secret partner’s identity until that minute. Serkan asks Eda, Didn’t she notice her name anywhere in the documents? Eda is shocked by the claims made by Serkan, even after knowing how much she hates her grandmother.

In contrast, Serkan does not listen to Eda. Nevertheless, Eda does not give up. Instead, she goes after Serkan.

Observing the odds between Serkan and Eda, Balca plans her move toward Serkan. She is confident about herself in winning her love. Semiha Hanim understands Balca’s desire for Serkan’s love. Samiha moves to get to know Balca, and her intentions are clear in a meeting between them. 

Semiha tells Balca love is between two people; when the third person enters, it becomes a war. Gives an apparent hope for Serkan by telling Eda’s future and suitable husband will be in Eda’s life shortly in Sen Cal Kapimi Turkish Series.

Taking advantage of Serkan and Eda’s absence Semiha Hanım declares a state of emergency in the company. She called everyone into a meeting and claimed that he fled abroad after she threatened Alptekin Bey. 

Sen Cal Kapimi 24 bolum

All are surprised by the claims made by Semiha Hanim and wonder about the reason behind her attack. After the company, her next stop is Ayfer and Eda’s house.

Aydan is surprised by the divorce papers she got from Alptekin and didn’t know what to do and goes to visit Ayfer. To protect Aydan and Seyfi, who came to visit, she quickly devised a plan from her mother’s wrath and introduced Aydan as her neighbor Aysun. Aydan is split between the news of her divorce and Eda’s grandmother’s entry into her life.

Samiha Hanim declares her intentions to Eda about Serkan Bolat and his family. She warns her to stay away from Serkan or else she will destroy him and his family in a single night. Their company, name, everything they have, and reputation in a single night. However, Eda tells her grandmother to go ahead with her threats. New thoughts of Samiha moving toward Serkan destruction occupy Eda’s mind.

After threatful claims from her grandmother, Eda eventually finds a way to get Serkan to listen to her. And they both agree that their relationship is getting worn out. Serkan wants to make a brand new start with the new year. Eda’s grandmother, who Eda always wanted to leave in the past, has now come into her life like a bomb, which got Eda questioning these new beginnings.

Serkan and Eda decide to stargaze on New Year’s eve together as a new beginning. While Serkan tells Eda he is already looking at the most beautiful star while looking at her face. 

In the mid of their romantic evening, the police arrive on behalf of the charges filed against Serkan. Eda is sure that her grandmother has made her first move.

Will the magic of the New Year be able to surround Serkan and Eda? Are brand-new beginnings possible? What decision Eda and Serkan will make on New Year? Will Eda be forced by Samiha’s move to leave Serkan? 

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 24 Release Date 

Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On my Door Episode 24 releases on 26 December 2020 on FOX TV at 20:00.

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