Tozluyaka Episode 23 English Subtitles  

What will happen in the new episode of Tozluyaka Starring Emre Kınay, Dolunay Soysert, Tayanç Ayaydın, Nur Yazar, Nebil Sayın, and Kadim Yaşat? What is the subject of the new episode? When and on what day is the latest episode aired? 

Tozluyaka Episode 23 English subtitles

Berk’s feelings are a mess. Will his new story, which starts with kissing Mavi, be a fairy tale or an inextricable nightmare? After all this, Ali’s attitude towards Berk hardens. Jealousy and the re-emerging feuds between the two brothers begin.

Thanks to Ali, Önder realizes that the journey he is about to embark on is wrong. Of course, she wants to make up for her mistake, but for Derya, this is not something that can be forgiven immediately. This time, everyone is paying the price for their own choices.

Tozluyaka Episode 23 Release Date

On December 4th, 2022, at 20:00, Fox TV in Turkey will air the 23rd episode of the Tozluyaka Turkish Series, starring Emre Knay, Dolunay Soysert, Tayanç Ayaydn, Nur Yazar, Nebil Sayn, and Kadim Yaşar.

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