Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 23 English Subtitles Summary Love Is In The Air

The 23rd episode of the Turkish TV series Sen Cal Kapimi You Knock On My Door, screening on Fox TV screens, will be broadcast on Saturday, December 19. New details have emerged from the latest episode of the Series, in which Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin are in the lead roles. 

What will happen between Eda and Serkan in the new period in which İlayda Çevik participated with the character of Balca Koçak and has an important place in the story is expected with curiosity.

There is another cute surprise in the new episode of the Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door. Famous names of the Series had very joyful moments in the scenes shot on the ice rink. 

The surprise moments of the couples Hande Erçel – Kerem Bürsin and Başak Gümülcinelioğlu – Anıl İlter on the ice rink will delight the audience.

Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 23 English Subtitles

In the previous episode of the Turkish Series, Sen Cal Kapimi – Love is in the air, Eda finds Serkan and Balca in Serkan’s house at mid-night. Eda is shocked to find Balca in Serkan’s place.

Balca is happy to see Eda in Serkan’s house, thinking she successfully creates a misunderstanding between them. But Eda understands Balca’s intentions towards Serkan.

As Balca thinks Serkan is the love of her life, she always tries to get closer to Serkan and never misses an opportunity. Although Serkan says that Balca is not interested in him, she is just a workaholic employee, Eda realizes the girl’s intentions.

Even though Serkan is not interested in the girl, Eda is sure that Balca is after Serkan. So Balca drops her earring purposely in Serkan’s house. 

Eda makes Serkan understand Balca’s intentions, but Serkan denies them. Finally, when Serkan insists on his own opinion, Eda and Serkan make a bet. To find out whether Balca is interested in Serkan, they both try various methods in this Turkish Series.

Eda expresses her opinion about Balca and her tactics to her friends. They do not stand idly by and go after Balca to catch a deficit. On the contrary, Melo and Fifi’s efforts give them exciting experiences. 

Balca tries several ways to create misunderstandings between Eda and Serkan but fails. Balca understands the strong bond between Eda and Serkan. She finally finds the right target to hit. That is the trust between Eda and Serkan.

Eda, Serkan, and others go ice skating. It holds a special place in Serkan’s life. He had told himself he would visit this place with a woman with whom he is entirely in love, confesses that woman is Eda. Eda and Serkan make beautiful and magical memories together at this place

While working for a tender the company is preparing, Balca sets a sneaky trap for Eda. Eda, on the other hand, is busy working for her new partner. So she must be made aware that she is working for her Grandmother while preparing for her boss’s secret partner.

Two significant events take place on the same day. The result of the tender and Eda’s grandmother entry to her lives. It creates great surprises for Serkan and Eda.

Will Balca succeed in breaking the trust between Eda and Serkan? How will Eda react to her Grandmother’s entry into her life? How will Eda’s Grandmother affect Eda’s and Serkan’s relationship? what plans does Eda’s Grandmother have against Serkan?

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 23 Release Date

Turkish Series Sen Cal kapimi – You knock On My Door Episode 23 releases on December 19, 2020, on FOX TV at 20:00.

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