Kasaba Doktoru Episode 22 English Subtitles Free Explained  

What will happen in the new episode of Kasaba Doktoru starring Ozan Akbaba, Deniz Can Aktaş, Hazal Subaşı, and Sinan Albayrak ? What is the subject of the series? When and what day is the new episode aired?

Kasaba Doktoru Episode 22 English Subtitles

Leyla’s sudden illness worries everyone. Ömer blames himself for this situation, he wants to be with Leyla, but things don’t go as he expected. Moreover, Berk will again enter into competition with him.

Yalçın changes his game plan after learning about Neslihan. Thanks to an unexpected ally, he makes Erol disappear. Neslihan is on the trail.

Hakan and Mine’s relationship gets stronger, but it is not possible to say the same for Leyla and Ömer. Even though Leyla does not want to, she tells Ömer to go to Ankara to work at the hospital where she applied before. Ömer has to decide between leaving and staying.

When Hakan, Mine, Leyla and Ömer uncover the truth about a case, the events put one of Uluçınar’s life in danger. Meanwhile, a move made by Neslihan initiates a plan that will endanger Uluçınar’s existence.

Kasaba Doktoru Episode 22 Release Date

The 21st episode of the Turkish series Kasab Doktoru, starring Ozan Akbaba, Deniz Can Aktaş, Hazal Subaşı, and Sinan Albayrak will air on TRT1 at 20:00 on October 21st, 2022.

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