Aldatmak 18 bolum

Aldatmak Episode 18 English Subtitles Explained The Cheat

What will happen in Aldatmak Episode 18, starring Vahide Perçin, Ercan Kesal, Mustafa Uğurlu, and Cem Bender? which day, on which channel, is it broadcast? Who are the actors? What is the series about? 

Aldatmak Episode 18 English Subtitles 

Encountering Tarık’s cruel side again, Güzide has to contend with the aftershocks of the earthquake that ended her career. In this process, although Güzide’s eyes are mostly on Sezai, she is unaware of the distance between them and Sezai due to Ozan’s last intervention.

Aldatmak 18 bolum

Oylum and Ozan cooperate with Elmas and take action against their father. But, knowing that Tarık needs to stay a few steps ahead of him to fend off his self-defense moves, Elmas has a grand plan. 

Continuing his espionage activities in his new job, Ozan confesses to Oylum, while Oylum organizes an event to make up with Ozan and Selin. However, on the night of the event, Oylum and Selin are only aware of the big disappointments they will experience.

Aldatmak Episode 18 Release Date 

Aldatmak is on ATV with its eighteenth episode on Thursday, January 26th, at 20:00 in Turkey.

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