Tuzak 13 bolum

Tuzak Episode 13 English Subtitles Update The Trap

What will happen in the Thirteenth episode of Tuzak? What is the plot of the Trap series? When and on what day is the new episode aired?

Tuzak Episode 13 English Subtitles

Umut (Akın Akınözü) and Ceren (Bensu Soral) struggle to ensure both their own happiness and the continuity of the plan, despite Gülce’s move. Umut continues to lead the team inside as well as outside. 

While interrogating Ceren, Gülce mixes her feelings with her work and talks to Çınar for the first time about their past. Ceren, from Umut’s mercy; Umut continues their mind games by gaining strength from Ceren’s power.

Tuzak 13 bolum

Demir (Talat Bulut), thinking that Çınar is Umut, dismisses Çınar Yılmaz from his lawyer and company duties. Although Umut continues his manipulations against Demir, he is aware that he is cornered. 

On the other hand, while the whole team is looking for ways to save Umut, Mahir (Emir Benderlioğlu) reads what he knows and prepares a risky trap by putting his life on the line. If this trap fails, it will have unexpected results!

Tuzak Episode 13 Release Date

New episode date: Wednesday, January 12th, 22:30 | New episode no: 13

Starring: Akın Akınözü and Bensu Soral

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