Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi 13 bolum

Bir Küçük Gün Işığı Episode 13 English Subtitles Explained A Little Daylight 

What will happen in the new episode 13 of Bir Küçük Gün Işığı – A Little Daylight? What is the theme of the series A Little Daylight? When and on what day is the new episode aired? 

Bir Küçük Gün Işığı Episode 13 English Subtitles 

Elif is shocked by the accusation of the social worker. While trying to explain that he will never harm Güneş, he learns that research will be done on him.

Dila is determined to do more, which has managed to harm Elif. He plans to bring Güneş home of his own free will.

Bit Kucuk Gun Isigi 13 bolum

It’s enough for her to intimidate her a little. While Elif is looking for Güneş everywhere, she learns that Güneş is in the mansion.

Fırat, on the other hand, found a definite way to cancel the case. He promises Elif that they will not part with Güneş.

Bir Küçük Gün Işığı Episode 13 Release Date 

A Little Daylight Episode 13, starring Seray Kaya, Berk Oktay, Esra Dermancıoğlu, and Seyma Korkmaz, releases on November 28th, 2022, on ATV at 20:00 in Turkey.

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