Toprak Ile Fidan Episode 1 English Subtitles Free Update

What will happen in the new episode of Toprak and Fidan starring Hazal Adıyaman, Osman Aydın and Asuman Bora? What is the subject of the series Toprak and Fidan? When and what day is the new episode aired?

Toprak Ile Fidan Episode 1 English Subtitles

Toprak; After a traffic accident, he stays in a coma for five years and does not remember anything when he wakes up. Something doesn’t fit Toprak, who has to adopt only the things he’s been told about his life. His mother, Keriman, forces Toprak to marry Aydan, whom he says is his fiancee.

Fidan lost her husband and child five years ago and lives with her sick father and stepmother. Halide, who has been the servant of Toprak and his mother Keriman for many years; is one of the two people who know the truth, and unable to suppress her sense of guilt any longer, she goes to Fidan with Toprak, to tell the truth. Seeing Ercan attacking Fidan, Toprak intervenes and saves Fidan. Fidan cannot understand who Toprak is, who is very similar to her deceased husband Nejat but feels close to him and his son Burak.

Toprak Ile Fidan Episode 1 Release Date

Toprak ile Fidan Episode 1 starring Hazal Adıyaman, Osman Aydın and Asuman Bora releases on October 31, 2022 on Star Tv at 20:00in Turkey.

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