Terzi The Tailor Episode 1 English Subtitles Netflix

Terzi The Tailor Episode 1 English Subtitles Netflix

On which day and on which channel does Terzi Series air? Who are the actors? What is the theme?

Terzi Episode 1 English Subtitles

The Tailor tells the story of Peyami, a young and successful tailor who inherited his talent from his grandfather. 

Having to care for his mentally unstable father, Mustafa, whom he kept a secret from everyone after his grandfather’s death, Peyami is forced to place his biggest secret at the center of his life in Istanbul. 

Esvet, who is running away from an abused relationship at the cost of her life, enters the lives of Peyami and Mustafa with her secrets. 

A love affair tests Peyami and his best friend Dimitri’s long-standing friendship.

 Click the link to watch Episode 1 with English subtitles. Terzi Episode 1 (Turn on cc and choose English)

Terzi Episode 1 Release Date

The Tailor series will be released on Netflix on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

New episode date: May 9, 2023 

Day and time: Tuesday 11:00 

New episode no: 1-7 

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