Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 1 English Subtitles صالون زهرة

After the success of the first season of Salon Zahra, the platform decided to renew the series for a second season to complete the story of Zahra and Anas after her marriage, this time accompanied by major stars in this part, including the Syrian comedian Samia Jazairi.

The first episode of the series is broadcasted on Shahid’s platform before the television and is to be limited to MBC channels. Shahid Platform has decided to complete the season before the start of the World Cup as people will get busy with the World Cup.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 will start on Thursday, November 10, with two episodes per week on the Shahid VIP platform.

Salon Zahra Season 2 total Episodes

Zahra Salon season 2 has a Total of 10 Episodes.

Zahra Salon Main Characters

Salon Zahra season 2 episodes

Nadine Nassib Njeim.
Moatasem An-Nahar.
Samia Algerian.
Wafaa Moussalli.
Huda Shaarawy.
Tony Issa.
Junaid Zeineddine.

Zahra Salon Season 2 release date on MBC Network

The MBC network has yet to announce the date of the series’s showing on its screen.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 1 English subtitles

Zahra Salon Episode 1 with English subtitles. Turn on CC and choose English for English Subtitles. Click Here

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