Gulcemal Episode 1 English Subtitles Free Update

Gulcemal Episode 1 English Subtitles Free Update

What will happen in the new episode of Gülcemal? What is the subject of the series? When and on what day is the new episode aired? What will happen to Gülcemal?

Gulcemal Episode 1 English Subtitles

The Intricate Story of Gülcemal, Gülendam, and Deva: A Tale of Love, Revenge, and Unraveling Secrets


The lives of siblings Gülcemal and Gülendam are sketched by their mother’s sudden departure during their childhood. As they face several challenges, they return to Bursa and encounter positions off a series of events that will change their lives forever.

In this blog post, the audience will explore the captivating tale of these three individuals as they steer love, revenge, and the secrets that tie them together.

The Effect of a Mother’s Departure:

When Gülcemal and Gülendam’s mother leaves them to be with another male, their world is destroyed. Pushed to grow up amidst difficulties, the siblings eventually return to Bursa and create a desirable life for themselves. However, the pain of their mother’s defection continues to fester in their hearts, especially for Gülcemal.

A Desire for Revenge:

With the only goal of avenging his mother’s actions, Gülcemal intent to make her regret her decisions. His plan is to take everything from her, eventually forcing her to accept the pain she has caused. Gülcemal is a powerful, ruthless man who, despite his success, cannot heal the wounds of his childhood.

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An Unexpected Encounter:

Upon returning to Bursa, Gülcemal encounters a young woman named with long eyelashes named Deva. This meeting, initially marked by fear and rage, sparks the start of a long and complicated story.

The Connection to Zafer Pehlivan:

Deva, a silk dyeing master, works for Ms. Zafer, Gülcemal’s mother. Zafer Pehlivan, who raised Deva, has become her spiritual mother.

As Deva prepares for her wedding, Gülcemal and Zafer Pehlivan find themselves at odds, each committed to preventing the wedding from taking place.

A Wedding on the Brink:

As everyone around her plots to spoil her wedding, innocent Deva remains unaware of the true causes behind their actions. Caught in the middle of a painful feud, Deva will witness her life ravel in the span of a single day.


The enthralling tale of Gülcemal, Gülendam, and Deva is a fascinating exploration of love, revenge, and the powerful impact of family secrets.

As these complex characters navigate their intertwined lives, they will come face-to-face with the consequences of their actions and the undeniable force of destiny.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on this gripping story.

Gulcemal Episode 1 Release Date

6th April Thursday 20:00 | Episode 1

When is the release date for Gulcemal Episode 1?

6th April Thursday 20:00 | Chapter 1

Where can I watch Gulcemal Episode 1?

Fox Tv (Turkey)

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