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Adim Farah Episode 1 English Subtitles Update

What will happen in the new Episode? What is the subject of the series “Adim Farah“? When and on what day is the latest Episode aired? My name is Farah summary

Adim Farah Episode 1 English Subtitles

After learning she was pregnant, Farah had to leave her home in Iran and seek refuge in Istanbul. 

Despite being a skilled surgeon, she worked as a cleaning worker to support her son, Kerimşah. Kerimşah was born with a congenital balloon disease, and Farah would stop at nothing to ensure he received the best treatment.

One night, Farah finds herself at the center of a tragic event she unwittingly witnessed in a cleaning place.

That’s when she meets Tahir Lekesiz, a top member of a family business dealing with illegal activities. 

Tahir was loyal to his boss, who had saved and raised him when he was young. 

But that night, Tahir found himself in an unexpected situation, forcing him to decide the fate of an innocent woman and child for the first time.

Farah is torn between keeping quiet or speaking out for justice. On the other hand, Tahir has to decide between loyalty to his boss and what he knows is right. 

Farah and Tahir’s paths have crossed despite their different backgrounds, and their fate is now intertwined.

Adim Farah Episode 1 Release Date

Wednesday, 1 March 20:00 | 1st Episode

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