Kacis dizi

Disney Plus Series Kacis Story Plot Cast and Release Date Escape

The wait has finally come to an end in the TV series Kacis with Engin Akyürek, which has been making ambitious promotions for weeks and is getting ready to hit the audience like a bombshell. The first episode of Escape, which is highly anticipated and tells a very different story, is on Disney Plus today.

Kacis (Escape) Story Plot

A research trip to a Yazidi village is the first step in the documentary “Kacis,” which stars Mehmet, a war photographer, and a group of international journalists.

The group that secretly crossed the border in the series was captured by a radical terrorist group as a consequence of a raid, and the dramas, changes, and escape tales are then narrated in an exhilarating manner.

Kacis dizi

“Escape,” which will provide a distinct viewpoint on the Middle Eastern human drama while recounting the challenging escape attempt of the research team,

The first frames from the set of the highly anticipated series have been released. The first photos shared from the set of ‘Escape’ aroused curiosity with the story of the series as well as the strong atmosphere full of action.

Kacis (Escape) Cast

Kacis dizi

While Yağız Alp Akaydın sits in the director’s chair of the drama, action and adventure series produced by O3 Medya and Same Film, the story of which was written by Engin Akyürek and the screenplay was written by Ali Doğançay; In addition to Engin Akyürek, there are many successful names such as İrem Helvacıoğlu, Aziz Çapkurt, Onur Bay, Leyla Tanlar, Aras Aydın, Levent Ülgen in the series.

Kacis (Escape) Release Date

Disney Plus, the digital broadcasting platform of The Walt Disney Company, started broadcasting in Turkey on June 14 and has announced its first Turkish content: ‘Kacis.’

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