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Destan Episode 22 Release Date is Changed

Destan Series which Millions of people tune in to see which airs on ATV on Tuesday evenings. Close to a thousand people worked on the series, which began with a huge budget to create a stunning environment.

Ebru Sahin enchants her followers with her contribution to her training, notably in the fight sequences. Destan draws a large fan base with it every week thanks to the outstanding performances of Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar in the key roles.

When the epic series aired initially, it got high ratings and held the top spot for a while. Then, everything was devastated by the Three Sisters series. Destan’s pattern was most upset by the introduction of the Kanal D series, which has been on the air for eight weeks.

Destan Episode 22 Release Date

the epic series, which had slipped from first place, was unable to prevent its ratings from declining in the future. However, with the coming of Ramadan and the warming of the weather, the dramatic drop in the series’ ratings has gotten a lot of attention recently.

Destan Episode 22 is postponed due to Ramadan week in Turkey. Episode 22 of Destan premiers on May 10 on Atv in Turkey.

The epic series’ ratings have reverted to 5 and 8 ratios, which seemed like a dream at first, now seem like a pipe dream. Even if the series continues to be successful until the end of the current season, it must be acknowledged that the next season will not be simple. The epic series, on the other hand, has a significant advantage. The power of social media is responsible for this advantage.

Destan Social Media

Destan is the king of social media, outperforming its competitors in Tuesday’s tournament. With 70,000 messages exchanged on April 12, the series has more than quadrupled its nearest competitor.

Baba and the Üç Sisters series, according to Adba TV data, come in second and third place, respectively, with very low ratings compared to Destan. The posts suggest that the Innocent Apartments and Everything About Marriage’s social media power have significantly dropped.

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Despite its rating decline, the epic series continues to dazzle with its social media power. With the innovations, new transfers, and promotional campaign planned before the series’s second season, the upcoming season will be off to a great start.

While Destan fans want the season to end quickly so that no more viewers are lost, they also send comments emphasizing the importance of being properly prepared for the following season.

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