Destan 25 bolum

Destan Episode 25 English Subtitles Free Explained The Epic

Destan Turkish Series Episode 25 starring Ebru Sahin, Edip Tepeli, and Burak Tozkoparan releases on 31st May 2022 at 20:00 on ATV in Turkey.

Destan Episode 25 with English Subtitles

In Destan, Arçuray assigned Batuga and Akkiz to deliver the crown to Ulu Kam Esrigün for safekeeping. Akkiz and Batuga, who were unexpectedly praised for each other when they arrived at Esrigün Kam’s tent, tied a belt, and Esrigün Kam announced their union. What effect would our lovers’ new situation have in Gök Saray? Are the lovers going to be able to meet this time?


The Itbaraks had snuck inside the Sky Palace, killed the Gokbens, and set fire to the plants they had prepared, filling Alpagu Khan’s, Temur’s, and Kaya Tegins’ apartments with smoke. What happened to Alpagu Han, Temur, and Kaya when the smoke knocked them out? Will the Gök Khanate’s descendants escape this assassination attempt unharmed, or will they pay the price?


For their new game, the Itbaraks knocked off Alpagu Khan, Temur, and Kaya Tegins, who were competing for Barak Khan’s throne in the palace. Alpagu Han is trapped between two conflicts when confronted with the disease of the Itbaraks’ new game, chepir poison. Either the Khan will hand over the throne to Obar in exchange for the lives of his sons, or he would sacrifice his own life and the lives of his sons for the benefit of the Turkish people. Will Akkiz and Batuga’s proposal to end the plague difficulties succeed in the face of this existential crisis?

Destan 25 bolum


As if losing the crown wasn’t bad enough, Batuga, whom he had set up and left to die, reappeared as the Double-Headed Wolf, terrifying the Itbaraks. What, on the other hand, will Obar’s future intentions for the throne be now that he has lost the fight after Batuga wounds him with a dagger?


The Kaya Tegins had been saved from the Itbaraks by the Double-Headed Wolf Batuga, the reincarnated Akkiz, Alpagu Khan, and Temur. What will Batuga, the Gök Khanate announced by Gök Tengri, do to live up to the hype? Will Batuga, who was made a Tegin in order to unite the Turks, be able to restore the Gök Horda’s old supremacy and reclaim the Western Sky from the Itbaraks?

Destan 25 bolum


Ulu Ece, who had threatened Günseli’s life, received an unexpected answer from her and ended up in prison. What will Ulu Ece’s next steps be now that he has fled the dungeon thanks to Alpagu Han’s offer of cooperation? Will the palace foster old friendships or foster new enmities?


Saltuk and Colpan struggled with the Itbaraks as they entered the Sky Palace. Yasavulu Saltuk of the Sky Horde had been shot in the back by the Itbaraks. How would Colpan Han avenge the Itbaraks for the loss of his love, Saltuk, whom he was unable to meet?

MEI Jin, who risked his life for his love

Mei Jin, who has had love for her since learning of her housemate Temur’s death, rescued Akkiz and worked with her as a result. Will Mei Jin, who was a crucial figure in the Obar ambush to win Temur’s love, be able to win Temur’s affection, which she has learnt to live? Will their marriage stay a political union, or will it blossom into a home?

Destan Episode 25 Trailer 1 English Subtitles

Destan 25 bolum

Neither place nor time… The

beautiful thing is to be with you, Akkız!

Alpagu will either bring you the crown or the offspring of the chipmunk will die!

My life and my tegin’s life is not important.

Khans die, women die, but the state lives!

We need to play games to save Alpaguhan and our tigins from the scourge of chips…

May our existence be sacrificed for our nation!

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Destan Episode 25 Trailer 2 English Subtitles

Destan 25 bolum

Sometimes you have to choose.

The path you choose will either make you a hero and applaud you.

Or it misleads and confuses.

My Father Khan, how can you tell me to stay back when my blood relatives are like this, Akkız?

Your life is no longer yours alone.

The heir to the throne is the hope of his descendants.

Our bud has waited for centuries.

The only thing that will gather the Horse Baraks back to these lands is Ata’s crown.

That crown won’t go to that bar!

The wolf doesn’t kneel when the dog shows a tooth!

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Destan Episode 25 Release Date

Destan Turkish Series Episode 25 starring Ebru Sahin, Edip Tepeli, and Burak Tozkoparan releases on May 31, 2022, at 20:00 on ATV in Turkey.

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