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Bir Peri Masali Episode 1 English Subtitles Explained

On which day and channel are Bir Peri Masali – A Fairy Tale aired starring Alina Boz, Taro Emir Tekin, Nazan Kesal, and Mustafa Mert Koç? Who are the actors in a Fairy Tale? What is the plot?

Bir Peri Masali Episode 1 English Subtitles

A young girl finds money that is not hers and resolves to use it to transform her life in the new Fox television series A Fairy Tale.

Using money that didn’t belong to her, a character who was in an accident with a friend and stole the bag of cash from the scene of the accident was able to flee the pressure from her family at home and start a new life.

Bir Peri Masali Episode 1 Trailer

Trailer 1, Trailer 2

Bir Peri Masali Episode 1 Release Date

The debut episode of the FOX television series “A Fairy Tale,” which centres on Zeynep, a character who constantly feels as though she should be given more and who fantasises about living a life of luxury, will air on September 21 at 20:00.

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