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Bige Onal Gorgeous Selin of Sen Cal Kapimi about the series

Bige Onal name that portrays the character of Selin in the Sen Çal Kapimi  – You Knock My Door series, the lover of Aras Bulut İynemli, who played Yamaç in the Çukur series was very hopeful about the series. There was a big leap in the ratings of the series.

Sen Çal Kapımı draws attention with its excellent results and positive comments on social media on the screen an adventure that it started very well.

Bige Onal about Sen Cal Kapimi

Bige Onal
Bige Onal

Stating that she was very hopeful about the series, the actor said, “The team is compatible, we have a lot of fun on the set. Although we spend less time together, there is nice energy on the set. I believe that this energy will also be reflected on the screen. I’m so excited! Now we need to laugh, have fun, love, and hope. So romantic comedies make the audience happy”.

In addition to the character of Berrin in the Hakan Guard series, the actor who took part in two digital projects as Tülay in Bozkır has not been in television projects for two years.

Explaining why she chose this series, Bige Önal (Selin) said: “The story flows very well. I like it very much. Selin is not one of the similar characters we come across in every project. 

The biggest effect of my refusal was the difference between Selin. Besides, I think people will love this project. It will be a good time after quarantine.

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