Bay Yanlis and Sen Cal kapimi

Bay Yanlis or Sen Cal Kapimi Ratings Race

Two series Bay Yanlis and Sen Cal Kapimi of Fox TV splashed the screen one after another. The first episode of Bay Yanlis – Mr. Wrong began, but the first episode ratings were low. On Wednesday, the series of Sen Cal Kapimi – You knock my door started very well with five ratings. It made the best start of the season compared to the other series.  

Bay Yanlis Series Rating

Bay Yanlis, Sen Cal Kapimi and Cati kati Ask

The first episode ratings of Bay Yanlis – Mr. Wrong were 2.92 in total, 3.11 in the EU, and 3.04 in ABC1. The series of Bay Yanlis – Mr Wrong made 3rd with a total of 4.62 ratings with the 2nd episode dated July 3. In the EU, it was the second success with 4.11 ratings and ABC1 with 4.34 ratings.

The series Bay Yanlis – Mr Wrong continues to meet the audience. The support of social media is gradually increasing for the first two episodes of the production. The low rates in the early part got balanced with the rise in the second part in the ratings. The series of Mr. wrong, who brought Can Yaman and Özge Gürel in the lead, was both criticized and admired by the audience despite the stereotype and Can Yaman’s excessive body show. The secret of being admired is that there are lots of fun and productive scenes in the production.

Sen Cal Kapimi Rating

The ratings of the series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock My Door have been excellent! Fox TV had a great shock when the first episode of the Bay Yanlis – Mr Wrong series came in 3 bands. Therefore, uneasiness was prevalent for Sen Çal Kapimi – You knock My Door. But there was no fear. Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel duo made an excellent start to the screen.

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The fresh pair of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin in the Sen Çal Kapimi – You knock my door series attracted the most AB group audience. The series, which achieved 4.99 ratings in this group, finished the day in the 2nd place. In the ABC1 group, Sen Çal Kapimi – You knock my door, which was 2nd again with 4.92 ratings, made a perfect start to the summer screen. The series that aired its first episode on Wednesday evening, July 8, took 3rd place with a total of 4.09 ratings.

On Thursday, July 9, Cati Kati Ask – The Rooftop Love series came to Kanal D screen with the first episode. The first part that Furkan Andıç and Ezgi Şenler duo had good harmony. However, the ratings of the series showed a lousy start. The 1st episode of the series ended with 3.23 ratings in total, 3rd in the EU, with 2.17 ratings. 4th in ABC1 with three scores.

Can the Rooftop Love, like Mr. Wrong series, correct its ratings in the second episode

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