Baba 12 Bolum

Baba Episode 12 Release Date is Changed The Father

Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sartaş wow audiences with their outstanding performances in the Show TV series Baba, which airs Tuesday evenings. However, while the series’ ratings were strong for a while, the drop in viewership rates in all series in recent weeks had a detrimental impact on Baba as well.

11 episodes of the Baba series, which premiered on Show TV this season, have been left unaired. The 12th new episode of the series, which was supposed to air this week, will air a week later. Due to the holiday week, fans of the TV series Baba will not be able to see the new episode of the series on the evening of May 3.

Baba Episode 12 Release Date

According to a Show TV announcement, the series’ 12th new episode will premiere on Tuesday, May 10. Unfortunately, fans of the Baba series will have to wait another week for the next episode. The next episode is also crucial since there’s a chance the ratings will drop back to where they were in the initial episodes.

Baba 12 Bolum

Although a second season is planned, major ratings issues that may arise in the next weeks may require this plan to be altered. So, what can you expect from the new 12th episode?

Baba Episode 12

Show TV’s ‘Th Father’ series has a new episode introduction, which was signed by Ay Yapm. In the promotion, Kadir gets released, and Emin makes a disturbance at the police station in order to visit Kadir. Kadir is shocked when he learns from Burak what Servet has done to his family, and tensions at the Saruhanl home increase. “You will stay away from my family!” Kadir said angrily as he attacked Servet. The words themselves stick out.

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