Asiye and Doruk

Asiye And Doruk of Kardeslerim was awarded – Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun and Onur Seyit Yaran

One thing that keeps the TV series, Kardeslerim, alive is the resentful reconciled love of Asiye and Doruk characters, played by Su Burcu Yazg Coşkun and Onur Seyit Yaran.

The public adores this couple, and they are continually praising them on social media.

Su Burcu Yazg Coşkun and Onur Seyit Yaran received honors due to their achievement and the adoration of their followers. Okan University honored my brothers Asiye and Doruk, who two young actors played.

Asiye And Doruk Chosen as best Tv Series Couple

The best TV series couple was chosen as Asiye and Doruk. The two actors who attended the ceremony and accepted their awards attracted notice for their elegance and harmony.

Meanwhile, as the season draws to a close, fans of the show are waiting for what will happen. The excitement builds as the season approaches the series’ climax, which has captivated millions with its drama plot.

While the public is waiting for the final, images from the series set are being watched with interest.

Asiye and Doruk

This week will air the 52nd episode of the series, which keeps the channel happy with its ratings. Player separations are expected near the end of the season for the series, which is in its second season with outstanding popularity. Everyone is foreseeing the departure of the actors.

The departure of numerous actors at the end of the first season of My Brothers brought it to the fore. The story was strengthened by the newcomers that joined the cast at the start of the second season. As a result, the production business is expected to repeat the same strategy.

Story Plot: Su Burcu Yazg Coşkun and Onur Seyit Yaran star in the series. Kadir, Omar, Asiye, and Emel are the members of the group. These four extremely close siblings lose their mother and father after a series of tragic events. There’s nothing more they can do but cling to one other at this point, nothing else they can grab. Until the children were allowed to enter Akif Atakul’s college, which had initiated the events in their lives.

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