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AlpArslan Episode 48 English Subtitles Update

On which day and on which Channel is the Great Seljuk broadcast? Who are the Great Seljuk actors? What is the subject of the Series?

AlpArslan Episode 48 with English Subtitles

Alparslan saved the Seferiyes from the savages, and repulsed Leon’s raid and captured Leon. Alparslan, who took action to take back Vaspurakan, which he lost, entered during Süleyman’s visit to Grigor, but was detained by Leon, who somehow managed to escape from the camp. 

What will Alparslan do now? Will she be able to escape from Leon, or will she fight to get Vaspurakan again? Will Leon be able to do anything to Alparslan? What will be the reaction of Süleyman and Grigor, who were there, in the face of this situation?

Amidülmülk had set up a great trick against Kutalmış and had him trapped in the castle. The end of the road for the captured Kutalmış and Rasul Tegin? Or will they get rid of this trap and continue their throne walk? Will Amidülmülk’s game be enough to defeat Kutalmış this time?

The fear experienced for a short time after Seferiye’s sudden disappearance and her unconsciousness will turn into joy when the truth is revealed, and Alparslan will wait for the good news to be delivered.

AlpArslan The Great Selcuk 48 Episode release date

Episode 48 of Alp Arslan – The Great Seljuk Turkish Series starring Barış Arduç releases on 20th March, 2022, on TRT1 at 20:00 in Turkey.

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