Ah Nerede 4 bolum

Ah Nerede Episode 4 English subtitle Explained   

Ah Nerede Episode 4 starring Nil Keser and  Oktay Çubuk releases on July 29, 2022 Star Tv at 20:00 in Turkey.

Ah Nerede Episode 4 English subtitles

Zehra and Ferit have a hard time learning who Cenker is. Cenker’s pursuit of the event puts the duo in increasingly challenging situations. Zehra and Ferit have to act together. It is complicated for both of them to have to act together while eating each other.

Meanwhile, Nihal, Burçak and Sera plan to get Ferit’s attention; They begin to teach Zehra about how to influence Ferit.

Ah Nerede 4 bolum

Zehra learns something new about Ferit that she does not know, and it surprises her; Who knows, maybe there is someone inside Ferit that can surprise everyone! Zehra’s head becomes a mess. But what he had to do in the end shocked even himself!

Ah Nerede Episode 4 Trailers

Trailer 1,  Trailer 2

Ah Nerede Episode 4 Release Date

The fourth episode, starring Nil Keser and Oktay Cubuk, airs on Star TV in Turkey at 20:00 on July 29,, 2022.

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